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Truth... About Malls

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The Experiment


            To fully investigate how far malls will go to stifle First Amendment rights our group decided to conduct somewhat of an experiment. The goal was simple, to see how long it would take before mall security felt it necessary to step in and ask Rory to leave for handing out informative pamphlets.

            So for the project Rory and Evan went to the mall around 5:30pm, which turned out to be one of the busier times for the mall. After Evan got into a position at the mall that allowed for a few quick snapshots without being seen by security Rory started to hand out the pamphlets. Rory was able to hand out about 6 or 7 flyers to strangers walking through the Food Court. Each stranger was told that they needed to hear the truth about malls and that the malls are trying to control their emotions and what they purchase. Most people chuckled and smiled like there was very little truth to what had been said.

            Within 10 minutes of starting the experiment the men in the white shirts and black hats had shown up. The mall security officer asked Rory what he was doing. After a brief discussion Rory was asked to leave the mall and then escorted to the door. The experiment had worked.

            The pictures for this project came out blurry due to the fact that taking pictures in the mall is not allowed. Before the project even, Evan approached the security guards and asked for a photo of them for a school project. The guards told Evan under no circumstances could a picture of them be taken and then he was told no photography what so ever was allowed in the mall.

            This experiment worked in showing just how quick it takes mall security to calm a potential unsettling situation for the customers.