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Cons of Plastic

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What is Plastic?
Cons of Plastic
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      Giving out reusable plastic bottles to everyone on campus for reuse, rather than using Styrofoam, may pose some problems.  Of these, one would be that the students may not put this plan into action.  Often times, students do not take to new ideas.  If the new plan requires more than a minimal effort, it is likely that the new plan will fail.  While this would be a great way to lower Styrofoam consumption and waste on campus, many students merely do not have the passion needed to create change on campus. 

      A second problem would be that the plastic bottles would have to be washed between uses.  This adds a step to the student’s usual routine. With Styrofoam, the student can drink their coffee and then simply throw the cup away. When the student then wants something else to drink, they can simply use another cup for water or a soda.  One way that we could combat this argument would be to give each student two bottles.  With this, the student could go about their usual, busy day without having to wash the bottle out before drinking something else that day. 

      Another problem would come from gaining restaurant participation.  While many restaurant owners realize the environmental problems with Styrofoam, they may not have the resources to give discounts to students, who chose to use the plastic bottles.  Without strong support from the restaurants, the students will not have enough of an incentive to use the bottles over a Styrofoam cup.  In order to overcome such problems with the plastic bottle, the plan must seem simple and enticing to the student.