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Why We Chose This Media


         New media is based on new information technology and has become revolutionary for social and personal benefits, for example activism. Our group decided to use new media in order to promote our environmental project, in this case the use of the internet and creating a website. The use of the internet and WebPages has been a great tool for activists who need to promote a cause or purpose.  It wasn’t until the late 90s that new media has popularized the Internet in Western cultures. Even though digital technology is widely used for news and entertainment content, there is a more present shift towards personalized and custom built content.


        This is why our group created this website, so we could customize it to our liking to get our purpose out there in the best way we could.  Using the internet is also a great way to reach more towards students since the internet is mostly universal and students are usually always online or at least have easy access to the internet. We are also able to include things such as web logs, videos, and interactive surveys all in one spot which we wouldn’t have been able to easily do using another source. This use of communication in the digital world is also able to let smaller groups of people, in this case a speech department, to share and inform information. Our group was able to voice our purpose for saving the environment within our community and the rest of the online world.